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 dragon dagger glitch

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dragon claws

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PostSubject: dragon dagger glitch   July 2nd 2013, 8:27 pm

ok so i found out this glitch about a month ago before i took a break. It happens when you dragon dagger special then switch very quickly to a stronger weapon with this glitch i managed to hit over 100+ damage highest 109-98 with dds spec on primal boss but i only got a pic of 104-10
i belive this glitch works because when you switch into a different weapon your dds special takes the strength bonus of the weapon you switch into. I have yet to see this work in pvp so yeah

heres a link of the picture:

Edited the pic in for you-Mod Wake
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PostSubject: Re: dragon dagger glitch   July 3rd 2013, 12:57 am

This glitch has been out for a while


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dragon dagger glitch
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