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 Soulsplit bug..

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camel alidon

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PostSubject: Soulsplit bug..   August 3rd 2013, 11:50 am

The soulsplit prayer that you'll get when you are 92 prayer would usually only heal you 1/4 of what you HIT, but i've noticed ingame even if you hit 0s on a monster or player it will heal you for roughly 7 hp (This doesnt happend everytime you hit every 3 or 4 hits you get 7 hp or so). This bug should be patched because it can affect pking a lot and mostly pvm, some monsters that wont hit much on you (like the Tds) if you have a decent gear is just afk able.. you just camp with ss and even if they hit a 20 or something you can just relax and ss ur hp back even if you're not even hitting anything but 0s

Hope you can patch this

- Alex



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Soulsplit bug..
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