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 Helpout for Administrator

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PostSubject: Helpout for Administrator   August 17th 2013, 10:28 pm

Hey guys! Of course all of you know me and I hope everyone is excited about this source! Zach is no longer with us and the server isn't going to get worse, it's going to get way better. Because I know that Spikey is pumped about this. He has been doing a lot lately so everyone should be prepared!

But to what I am posting about, I would like to know if anyone thinks that I would be a good Administrator for this server. I think that I would make a good Admin because non of you know how much I do for this server. Zach and Spikey defiantly know that I have put out a lot of effort for this server.

And I'm telling you this, I'm not here to become Administrator and.......

Okay look. I typed all that thinking of every word. I was going to finish it but you know what, its not about competition. It doesn't matter about staff. I see all these people getting mad because they don't get a rank and just because they think they deserve one. Well you know what. I'm not here to fall into the realm of egoism. I'm here to have fun, chill with my homies, and relax and enjoy my pixels.

I will help improve this server, but it doesn't matter what the rank is. I was just a regular player and I was still helping a lot. I hope everyone can learn from this. Just chill, relax, and most of all... have good ole fun!!
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Helpout for Administrator
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