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 Moderator Applications

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PostSubject: Moderator Applications   September 24th 2013, 7:09 am

-Ingame name:Varrock

-Introduction about myself:Will i been playing Runescape in general since 2000 i have classic account as well and i been playing private sever for about 8-9 years

-Why do I deserve to be a moderator of Oraclescape? Well I'm more hands on about a lot of things and i can get along with everyone who plays plus I'm active as much as i
can when i can and i feel like i fit right in with staff

-What have I done for the server? Well i try and keep players playing for example XxxPokemon i payed for basically his donator title so he can get feel if what its like being donator

-Are you a veteran?Yes like i said i been playing since basically start of runescape and i been playing private servers for 8-9 years

-Ingame total level:735 but i plan on maxing very soon

-Do you have experience of being mod?i been Mod on Countless severs i was mod on Soulsplit,Matrix,rs2006 aka project 06

-Video on oraclescapeNo Not a the moment But will have some soon

-How active am I?I was on the sever for about 2-3 days before longing out

-Why should you pick me to be moderator instead of other people? Well i'm not f

-Conclusion:For Most Part i feel if u guys make me mod i can take this sever to next level pretty much closer to were soulsplit is at now if u guys give me time

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PostSubject: Re: Moderator Applications   September 25th 2013, 12:49 am

Nice app man. Once you train up your skills and make a vid ill consider you to be a mod.


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Moderator Applications
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