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 Lord alidons mod application

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camel alidon
camel alidon

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PostSubject: Lord alidons mod application   September 25th 2013, 9:56 am

-Ingame name: Lord alidon

-Introduction about myself: My name is alex and im 16 years old, i've played oraclescape for nearly 3.5 years. I've been trying for this position a lot of times and seen people who doesn't deserv it get a position.

-Why do I deserve to be a moderator of Oraclescape?
Because i feel like i could help out the server a lot, (especially in this new source where i know pretty much Everything about it) and majority of the players posting a mod app is people who is new to the server and as their first post they do a mod application.

-What have I done for the server?
I've been helping out a lot, with finding bugs to helping random players in general

-Are you a veteran?
Yes, I've played for 3.5 years

-Ingame total level:

-Do you have experience of being mod?
I've been a moderator twice on a medium populated server

-Video on oraclescape

-How active am I?

I try to be online atleast an hour or two to see how everyone is doing.

-Why should you pick me to be moderator instead of other people?
Because majority of the players is people who is completely new, or not seen very much who Thinks by posting a mod application as their first thing will make them mod. and ive proven myself being worthy the mod spot over these years.



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PostSubject: Re: Lord alidons mod application   September 26th 2013, 12:57 am

You have all the requirements and you are a long term veteran and I know you well, so I dont see why not.



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PostSubject: Re: Lord alidons mod application   September 29th 2013, 4:59 pm

omfg post aint been deleted? WAIT GIMME A SEC ;P

lol jk.. gl on mod Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lord alidons mod application   

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Lord alidons mod application
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