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 New Source Price Guide!!!

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PostSubject: New Source Price Guide!!!   October 2nd 2013, 12:06 am

Oraclescape Official price guide

I am just estimating these

-Blue 2147m
-White 1300m
-Green 900m
-Purple 750m
-Yellow 800m
-Red 1b
-H'ween masks: 75-100m ea
-Korasi's Sword 2b
-Xmas crackers: 1200m
- Skeleton armour
- Scythe

Pk Gear

-Vesta set: 1.8b
Chain body: 400m
Chain skirt: 400m
Vls: 600m
Vesta spear: 400m

-Statius: 1.25b
Helm: 100m
Body: 250m
Legs: 250m
War hammer: 300m

God Wars items

-Armadyl set: 1b
Helm: 250m
Body: 400m
Legs: 350m

Bandos set: 1b
Chestplate: 500m
Tasset: 450m
Boots: 50m

Godsword set: 3.5b
Ags: 2b
Sgs: 500m
Bgs: 500m
Zgs: 500m

Corp Items

Spirit shield set: 1.8b
Divine: 750m
Spectral: 250m
Arcane: 400m
Elysian: 400m

Glacors items
Steadfast boots: 800m
Glavian boots: 600m
Ragefire boots: 500m

Ganodermic Items
Ganodermic set: 1b
Visor: 200m
Poncho: 400m
Leggings: 400m

Polypore staff: 1.5b

Nex Armour's

-Torva Set: -
Helm: -
Plate: -
Legs: -

-Virtus set: -
Mask: -
Robe top: -
Robe bottoms:-

-Pernix set: -
Cowl: -
Body: -
Legs: -

Dragon claws: 500m
Whip: 40m
Colored whip: 100m
Staff of light: 75m
Colored Staff of light
Robin hat: 25m
Colored robin hat
Gilded: 50-75m/piece
Dragon bones: 1m ea
Frost dragon bones: 1m ea
Crystal Keys: 10m ea
Trimmed Armour sets: 5-10m ea
Ancient starved effigy 200m (NEW)

Tell me if i missed out anything


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New Source Price Guide!!!
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