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 Wot's mod app

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PostSubject: Wot's mod app   October 4th 2013, 9:52 am

Hello, My name is Jackson (Wot is my in game username)
Pretty much in my spare time I find some things to do, gaming being one of them and have recently started playing Oracle again which has been good fun for the years I have played it.

I can't really say why I 'deserve' the position as moderator, as there may be others who want it just as much as me, But I would be great to the people and not use the position at my own advantage, Also I have been playing on and off since trinity without even one try at moderator, Or though I have had moderator on other servers, It's just not the same.

In the past I have donated rsgp, and some real life cash, helped people out, and try to make it fun for everything.

Haha yes, I'd like to think that I am a veteran, seeing as I played trinity, as early as one week into the game, which is about, 5 years ago from now I'd guess?

In game total level: 756 as I have only just started today, already have 8 hours play time, but most of this time was spent chilling with the community, In other Oracle servers, I have been maxed out plenty of times, give it afew days and I'll be above 2000 total easy.

Yes I have experience being a mod, Just not with this server.

Haven't made a video since last source, But me and Aaron (Gobby man) are planning to make a video for the server and get it out there as much as possible!

I am as active as I can be, On a very rare occasion I may not be on every day, but otherwise I never get off it, I fit in as many hours of game time as I can!

Why should you pick me over other people? I'm not sure really, I guess if you think I stand out from the rest you'd pick me, And many people (if they know me) should know that I am quite good when it comes to helping and will use all of what I know to help someone out.

Conclusion: I really don't think you need one after all this, It explains it all!

Thankyou for your time if this doesn't get deleted.. ~WOT~
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Wot's mod app
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