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 Read before Donating (Donater store)

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PostSubject: Read before Donating (Donater store)   October 4th 2013, 10:40 pm

All the money goes towards the server, no profit is made. Rsgp donations are sold for irl cash and goes towards the server. If you wish to donate rsgp, pm an admin or owner. If you would like to donate irl cash type ::donate ingame.

Rsgp Exchange
1m Eoc= $0.25
1m Oldschool gp (Coming Soon)

Donation shop

-Reg Donor $8
- Super Donor $20

Donator points
-10 points $10
-25 points $20
-50 points $35
-100 points $50
-250 points $100

-Armadyl godsword $10
-All other godswords $6 ea
-Spirit shields $10
-Flared trousers $7
-Christmas Cracker $25
-Glacor boots (Steadfast,Glavian,Ragefire) $10

-Set a stat to 99 $5
-Change my name $15
-Comp cape (maxed stats) $25

-1x choice of any chaotic $8
-Chaotic set (Arcane stream included) $25

Set Items
-Torva set $30
-Pernix set $30
-Virtus set $30
-Vesta Set- Includes spear and vls $20
-Vesta Set (Deg)-Includes spear and vls $15
-Statius Set- Includes warhammer $15
-Statius Set (Deg)- Includes warhammer $12
-Gilded armor set $8

-Ring of Wealth (Coming soon)
-Berserker Ring (i) $4
-Archer Ring (i) $4
-Seers Ring (i) $4

1.Donor rank, x2 ring (i)s of your choice $10
2.Super Donor rank, Vesta set and a spirit shield of your choice $35
3.Super Donor rank, Comp cape, Christmas Cracker $50
4.Super Donor rank, a nex set, comp cape, Armadyl gs and 25 donor points $75
5. Donor rank, a 99 stat and a spirit shield $16

I will edit more later.


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Read before Donating (Donater store)
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