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 lord alidons application for forum moderator

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camel alidon
camel alidon

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PostSubject: lord alidons application for forum moderator   October 13th 2013, 6:29 am

-Ingame name: lord alidon

-Introduction about myself:
My name is alex (as most of you know) and i've been playing oraclescape for 3 years, im mod ingame but i would like to make an app for the Forum moderator rank

-Why do I deserve to be a moderator of Oraclescape?
Because i feel like im Active (even if i don't post everytime i'm still checking the forums every single day) and since i have the moderator rank ingame it would be great to be forum mod aswell.

-What have I done for the server?
I've helped out tons and i feel like having forum moderator would also show people that i am a moderator ingame that stays Active both ingame, and on the forums.
im very Active on forums which makes me perfect for this rank.

-Are you a veteran?
yes, i've played for roughly 3-4 years

-Ingame total level:

-Do you have experience of being mod?
I've been forum mod in 5 different private servers and i've been a moderator ingame 3 times.

-Video on oraclescape
Aint nobody got time for that :l

-How active am I?
I'm online atleast 2 hours a day and i'm on the forums almost all the time. (im checking it every hour or so for the latest news)

-Why should you pick me to be moderator instead of other people?
Because i feel like i have the ability to be Active both ingame and on the forums, since i've showed my activeness Before on the forums which shows that i am perfect for this rank.

If you don't pick me as forum moderator of oraclescape won't stop me from playing more/being Active on forums etc. If you Think im greedy because i want a new rank on forums then Think so, i don't mind that at all.



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PostSubject: Re: lord alidons application for forum moderator   October 14th 2013, 4:40 am



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lord alidons application for forum moderator
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