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 Wake's Rap Story

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PostSubject: Wake's Rap Story   November 13th 2013, 9:07 pm

Rico got no money, he done lost his job
He ain't got no choice, but to jugg and rob.
He fucked a bitch named Tesha, got one on the way
Got kicked out the house, now he stay at her place
He told her baby lets go rob a fuckin bank!
She said okay, and then they filled the gas tank
Pulled up to the bank, he parked on the side
He got out the car, she said I'll stay inside
Put his mask on load his 4-4
Prayed to God and then he opened up the door
Point his gun and said dont nobody move
Just give me all the money and we all cool
He told the teller please dont try no funny shit
Cause if you try some shit I'll shoot up this bitch
She said okay and gave him bout 100k
He started walking backwards,then he ran away
When he got outside he saw alot of cops
Ran to the side of the bank and he ain't see no car!
Hands behind your back, spread your feet sir
He turned around and saw that it was Tesha ...
Damn, now he locked up his bond 1 million,
He locked in a cell with a Brazilian
Rico cell mate name is Pedro,
Pedro said he know how to get them pacos.
Rico dead broke, and he ain't got no bond
But Pedro got connects and paid Rico's bond
Rico out of jail and he met the plug
Started moving bricks, and got his bands up!
Rico went to jail and paid Pedro a visit
Pedro looked at Rico and asked, "How you living"?
Rico said he want out of the dope game
But he love that fast money off the cocaine
Pedro said he get out in a couple weeks
And he need Rico to loan his ass a couple keys
Rico said i got you, you know you my fucking homie
Pedro told rico, that he the next tony
Rico left and got pulled over by a cop
He said what? she said excuse me sir you failed to stop
He looked close, and recognized it was his babymama
He reached under the seat, and grabbed his fucking llama

Rico on the run he just shot a cop,He saw himself on TV it was 6o'clock.
He runnin' low on money he back sellin' rocks
He don't go nowhere without Ak's and glocs.
He got a call from Pedro say he out of prison,Pedro said he ready wasupp with them chickens
Rico said nigga you'nt see me on the news
He said he so confused what the fuck to do
Pedro told Rico he fly em to Brazil
Rico said hell no you tryna get me killed
Pedro said just come you got a couple mill,Rico said alrite I can't turn down a deal
Rico on a plane thinkin bout that cash
Met a bitch named Nicki and she stupid bad
Nicki told Rico that she be sellin drugs
Rico said wasupp baby I'm the club
They both got off the plane but she ain't have no ride
He gave Nicki a ride cause she one of a kind
Pulled up to the trap and left Nicki inside
Rico looked outside and these cops arrived
Rico fuckin spazzed out
Grabbed the chopper and sayd fuck it bustin caps now
Bullets flyin through the trap house
Got shot a couple times but he ain't tap out
Ran to the back of the house and he got in the outie
Drove to Pedro's house Rico was crying loudly
Looked up at the sky and it was gettin cloudy
Crisis on his head he got a fuckin bounty
Rico looked down he covered in blood
Pedro ran outside like nigga what the fuck
Rico told Pedro that he went fuckin savage
Whole lotta action bunch of guns clappin
Pedro asked Rico how is he still alive
Rico sayd Ion kno I think I'll be just fine
Pedro told Rico about a bitch named Nikci
Rico said hold on I know a bitch named Nicki
Pedro said hold on Rico I'm coming back
Went inside the house and grabbed the fuckin strap
Rico looked down had to check his phone,Pedro came out (bang) Rico's dome

Rico can't move Rico can't talk
The doctors said he might not be able to walk
One bullet in his head five in his back,The doctors ran check and he was high off crack
Pedro out the country he watchin the news
He thought Rico was tryna play em like a fool
See Pedro thought Poor Rico was the fuckin feds
So Pedro shot that nigga in the fuckin head
When Pedro was in jail he met an agent,It was Nicki she started interogatin
Pedro was silent Nicki no patience,Nicki said alrite ain't seen him a day since
Pedro can't fuckin sleep,He said fuck it booked a flight and then he grabbed his keys
Grabbed his suitcase hundred dollar bills,Made some phone calls shit bout to get real
Weeks go by and Rico started feelin good
Rico think he bout to go back to the hood
He told the doctors he was leavin they like no you not
He bout to go to jail for killin a cop
Oh my God Oh my God,Rico in the back of a fuckin cop car
He cryin he know he about to do some fuckin time
He can't think straight Rico goin crazy he loosin his mind
Rico in the court now,They sentenced him to death his time was short now
He cryin help me Lord now,The judge ain't have no patience she callin escorts now
Rico on the jail bus,Thirty other niggas on the jail bus
Ridin on the bridge in the jail bus
A whole bunch of cars surround the jail bus
Rico looked around he hear explosions and shit
Somebody cracked his handcuffs open and shit
He turned around and saw that is was Pedro and shit
They strapped up Pedro told Rico to lay low and shit
Swat arrived they lettin them Ak's blow and shit
Nicki there she got her fuckin face blown and shit
Rico shootin cops he sayin prayers and shit,Too much gun firing them boys Rico and Pedro got lit
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Wake's Rap Story
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